Vision Pro’s killer feature? It’s a wearable Mac

In the tech world, new releases and announcements are always popping up. So, what’s big in the news this week? Apple’s new Vision Pro mixed-reality headset. But why are so many people excited about it? Well, it’s a game-changer when it comes to productivity. That’s right. Move over entertainment and gaming. The real game-changer is getting work done with this headset.

Why productivity matters

Before the release, many were skeptical if Apple’s new device would be worth it. However, with a whopping 600 apps to be released alongside it and millions more that will be compatible, it’s starting to become clear that the new headset is geared for much more than just fun and games. 

Remember the emergence of productivity apps on Apple platforms like the iPhone and Macintosh? They played a huge role in turning those devices from just consumer products to essential tools for enterprises. 

The possibilities for this new platform are huge. Microsoft, for example, has already confirmed that several of its productivity apps will be available on Vision Pro at launch, with a few tweaks tailored for the platform. 

Microsoft gets inside your head

Microsoft’s Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, OneNote, and Outlook will all soon have versions available on the new platform at launch. And let’s not forget about Ukraine’s Readdle and its PDF and mail apps, which are also making the transition to Vision Pro.

A dream come true for project managers

It’s clear that users are going to have a plethora of new apps to be able to work with using Apple’s new mixed-reality headset. We’re especially interested to see how powerful project management apps OmniFocus and OmniPlan do on Vision Pro. What a game-changer it could be for project managers, being able to see an entire project laid out right in front of them without any screen constraints. 

Apps without frontiers

But that’s not all, Apple also noted that they will have other productive apps, including enterprise-grade cloud storage stalwart Box and brainstorming application MindNode. The possibilities using Vision Pro are definitely endless when it comes to productivity.

Key takeaways

–  The new Vision Pro mixed-reality headset is not just for entertainment and gaming.

–  Productivity apps are the real game-changer for this device. 

–  Apple’s new headset is already set to have 600 apps alongside its release and be compatible with millions more.


It’s very clear that the big draw for this headset is its potential for productivity. From project management to powerful business applications, the possibilities using Vision Pro are truly limitless.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Are the apps on Vision Pro only going to be for entertainment and gaming?

A: No, in fact, Apple’s new mixed-reality headset harnesses the power of productivity apps with 600 available on launch and millions more compatible.

Q: What are some companies releasing productivity apps for Vision Pro?

A: Microsoft, Ukraine’s Readdle, Box, and MindNode are just some of the companies delivering powerful productivity apps for Vision Pro.

Q: Why is Apple’s new mixed-reality headset such a game-changer?

A: Vision Pro offers an entirely new way of working and interacting with technology, truly redefining the way we work by delivering visually stunning interactions without physical limitations.


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