The real problem with Google’s new Gemini Android assistant

Original Introduction to the topic
I’ll be honest: I was really hoping for an “aha!” moment over these past few days. Ever since Google made it clear that it was working to bring its next-gen generative AI chatbot into Android as a replacement for Google Assistant, I’ve been skeptical. And ever since I installed the new standalone Gemini Android app and allowed it to take over my phone’s assistant function, that initial skepticism has only grown into a grumbling sense of us being ushered in the wrong direction.

Key takeaways
1. Google’s Gemini AI chatbot is the company’s next-gen generative chatbot that is set to replace Google Assistant in Android.
2. The purpose of Google Assistant was to help accomplish tasks, but Gemini is more of a generative chatbot.
3. Gemini has added awkward assistant features, making it inappropriate and uncomfortable to be used as an Android assistant.
4. The core functions on Google Assistant are faster, more reliable, and smarter compared to Gemini.
5. Gemini also lacks accuracy and reliability, with examples of providing inaccurate information confidently as fact.

The replacement of Google Assistant with Gemini feels like an awkward adaptation of an AI chatbot that is not fully-baked and does not serve the user’s needs in the real world. With slower, less reliable, and inaccurate responses, Gemini does not match up to the traditional assistant intelligence we’ve come to expect in tasks and capabilities. It is more focused on generative features that don’t really serve a purpose as an on-demand assistant on our smartphones.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is Gemini?
Gemini is Google’s next-gen generative AI chatbot that is looking to replace Google Assistant in Android.
2. Why is Gemini an awkward replacement for Google Assistant?
Gemini is more focused on generative features and lacks traditional assistant intelligence that we’re used to. It also provides slower, less reliable responses and lacks accuracy and reliability.
3. What makes Google Assistant different from Gemini?
Google Assistant is designed to help accomplish tasks, providing quick, accurate, and reliable information, compared to Gemini, which is more focused on generative capabilities.

These are the findings that really stand out to me after testing Gemini as a replacement for Google Assistant over an extended period of time. The generative nature of Gemini feels misplaced in the world of on-demand phone assistants and creates a disconnect between the user’s needs and the purpose of the service. Only time will tell how Google addresses these concerns and refines Gemini to meet the true needs of Android users.


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