The Best Music Players for Kids in 2024

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Screenless audio players have become a popular way for kids to interact with their favorite audiobooks and music while allowing their imagination to run wild. Whether it’s the Jooki Music Player, Amazon Echo Dot Kids, Yoto Player, RUIZU MP3 Player, or the Toniebox Audio Player, there are many options available that cater to different needs and preferences for parents and their children.

Key Takeaways about the best music players for young kids/ young adults

The key takeaways from the top screenless audio players for kids are:

1. The Jooki Music Player offers simplicity and a screen-free listening experience. It is designed for kids between the ages of three to ten and has parental controls, portable design, and unique tokens for interaction.

2. Amazon Echo Dot Kids provides a budget-friendly option that is loaded with fun and age-appropriate content. It also offers peace of mind with its easy-to-use parental controls and settings while giving kids the ability to interact with Alexa and learn new things.

3. The Yoto Player stands out as a versatile device, offering more than just story and music playback. With additional functions like an FM radio, thermometer, and night light, the Yoto Player provides a holistic experience for children.

4. The RUIZU MP3 Player is known for its portability, cute design, and features that impress older kids. It offers ample storage space for music and playlists, Bluetooth connectivity, and a long battery life.

5. The Toniebox Audio Player Starter Kit allows kids to interact with a range of pre-loaded and custom content. It’s durable, with child-friendly controls, and offers parental controls through the MyTonie app.

Screenless audio players allow kids to interact with their favorite audiobooks or music and let their imagination run wild. With simple controls and extensive storybook libraries to browse and explore, these music players for kids can be the perfect antidote to idle screen time.

A boy and another child playing and listening to Jooki Music Player for Kids

The Jooki Music Player for Kids provides a screen-free listening experience. It’s ideal for entertaining and stimulating children, and its portable design means it can be taken anywhere.

Designed for children aged three to ten, Jooki can play Spotify playlists anywhere there’s a Wi-Fi hotspot and MP3 files for offline listening. You can organize playlists and give your kids hours of music and stories.

It comes with two physical Jooki tokens that kids can use to activate and listen to playlists, promoting kid-friendly interaction while providing better parental control. You can buy additional tokens which also come in the form of fun figurines for storing and playing different playlists.

Jooki Music Player for Kids
Jooki Music Player for Kids

The best overall

Use story tokens, Jooki figurines and MP3 files to let kids enjoy their favorite stories and music with Jooki Music Player for Kids.


  • Simple commands
  • 5 GB internal memory
  • Eight hour battery life
  • USB-C charging cable included
  • Portable and durable


  • A bit expensive
  • Additional costs involved for additional tokens or figurines

Here are the reviews we saw on amazon that made us consider this tool!

  • “Great for kids! My 4-year-old loves using it to listen to stories and music. The controls are easy for her to understand, and I appreciate the durable design.”
  • “Good investment. The 5GB memory is plenty for my child’s favorite songs and stories. The battery life is decent, and the USB-C charging is convenient.”
  • “Expensive but worth it. The initial cost is a bit high, and you have to buy extra tokens/figurines, but the quality justifies the price. It’s a hit with my kids.”
  • “Convenient and portable. We take it on car rides and vacations. It’s been a lifesaver for keeping the kids entertained on the go.”
  • “Love the concept. The use of tokens and figurines adds a fun, interactive element to the music player. My kids enjoy choosing their music and stories this way.”
  • “Easy setup. I’m not tech-savvy, but I had no trouble loading music onto the device. It’s user-friendly, which is a big plus for busy parents.”
  • “Wish it were more affordable. While I like the product, I do think the additional costs for tokens and figurines can add up, making it a pricey investment over time.”
  • “Durable and kid-friendly. It has survived a few drops and spills, so I’m impressed with its build quality. Definitely designed with kids in mind.”
  • “Handy for bedtime. My child has a routine of listening to a story before bed, and the Jooki has made it a lot easier for us to stick to that routine.”
  • “Overall, a good buy. Despite the minor drawbacks, it’s been a valuable addition to our home. The kids use it daily, and it’s held up well over months of use.”

The Jooki Music Player for Kids is generally well-received, with users praising its user-friendly design, durable build, and the interactive element of using tokens and figurines. However, some express concerns about the initial cost and the additional expenses for extra tokens and figurines.

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An Amazon Echo Dot Kids (5th generation) on a desk.

The Echo Dot Kids is a smart speaker built into Alexa that can do it all: play music, read stories, answer questions, make calls and more. Includes a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+, which is packed to the brim with fun, age-appropriate content for them to enjoy.

Easy-to-use parental controls provide peace of mind, while simple settings adjustments provide kid-friendly responses from Alexa. You can also use it to set alarms, control compatible smart devices and make calls. The microphones can also be muted with a simple press of the “mic off” button as an added safety.

Echo Dot Kids (5th generation)
Amazon Echo Dot Kids (5th Gen)

The best budget

Give your children the gift of knowledge and feed their curiosity with Echo Dot Kids (5th generation).


  • Can customize Alexa’s voice
  • Works on multiple devices
  • Lots of customization options, including security features
  • Encourage children to ask questions and seek knowledge
  • A fun design that kids will love


  • Kids Mode doesn’t seem to allow setting loop sleep sounds
A boy laughing while listening to Yoto Player (3rd generation) on headphones.

The Yoto Player (Third Generation) is another great screen-free option for kids that goes beyond what a regular music player can do. In addition to playing stories and music, it also has an FM radio, a thermometer to monitor room temperature, a white noise function, a night light and an alarm clock.

You can buy the player separately and then buy audio cards, which you insert into the player for stories and music. Alternatively, you can buy a bundle with audio cards that include popular children’s media such as The beloved stories of Roald Dahl or a The Disney Pixar Audio Collection.

Yoto Player (Third Generation)
Yoto Player (Third Generation)

The most versatile

The third generation of Yoto Player is a versatile device for children. In addition to listening to stories and music through sound cards, it has several other useful functions for children, especially when it’s time to sleep or wake up.


  • 32 GB internal memory
  • Battery life up to 24 hours
  • It can be used as a standalone speaker or with headphones
  • Daily free content in the Yoto app
  • Battery and 1.5m charging cable included
A little girl listening to RUIZU MP3 Player for Kids

The RUIZU MP3 Player for children it has a cute panda design to delight youngsters and a host of neat features to impress older kids. It’s slim, compact and weighs just over an ounce, making it a portable player that kids can take on the go.

This 64GB MP3 player has support for 128GB via a microSD card, and there’s also a 32 GB model at a slightly lower price. It has a built-in FM radio and offers a whopping 100 hours of playback on a single charge. It also works with Bluetooth 5.0, so kids can enjoy listening with wireless headphones.

RUIZU MP3 Player for children
RUIZU MP3 Player for children

The most portable

The RUIZU MP3 player is ideal for older children and comes with 64GB of storage space for all their favorite songs and playlists.


  • Includes alarm clock and pedometer
  • Supports voice recording
  • Show date and time
  • Custom EQ
  • Fast charging


  • It can be difficult to upload music
A young boy smiling and holding a Toniebox Audio Player starter kit

It’s impossible not to love the Playtime puppy included with this one Toniebox audio player. This loyal hand-painted friend comes pre-loaded with 52 minutes of children’s songs to delight and entertain. Simply place this Tonie on top of the box and away you go.

a the army of alternative Tonies is also available with branded characters and stories to enjoy from Disney, Sesame Street, DreamWorks and more.

Toniebox connects to Wi-Fi and you can access a suite of parental controls via the MyTonie app. You can also record custom content on Creative Tonies ‘blank’ here and explore additional free digital content.

Toniebox Audio Player Starter Kit
Toniebox Audio Player Starter Kit

Best for custom content recording

Kids will love interacting with this Toniebox Audio Player Starter Set with cute Playtime Puppy, and parents can use it to record personalized content for their kids.


  • Charging station included
  • Battery life of up to seven hours
  • Durable construction
  • Suitable for children aged three and up
  • Child friendly controls


  • It requires Tonies to provide the content


Q: How can kids listen to music without a phone?

There are many durable laptops for kids and tablets designed for children which are great alternatives to smartphones. However, if you want to get your child or children to listen to music and stories away from screens, then Mp3 players they are an excellent option. Audio players specially designed for children are the best choice.

Older children may also gain access to music through more traditional methods such as CD players and disk drives. They can add a touch of parent-child interaction, nostalgia for moms and dads, and music education when you pull out your retro compilation albums. This might be especially true when kids are approaching their teens and might actually be interested in their parents’ music.

Q: Is there a music app suitable for kids?

There are several music apps designed specifically for kids. The most popular is Spotify Kids, which is available with a Spotify Premium Family subscription. It includes a vast library of age-appropriate content for the 0-6 and 5-12 age groups, including music, podcasts, stories and audiobooks.

Another option is Amazon Kids+. This subscription service provides children with safe music, videos, books and games with excellent parental controls. The purchase of the Echo Dot Kids smart speaker entitles you to a free one-year subscription.

Other options include iHeartRadio Family, which includes content made for kids, YouTube Kids, and Pandora Kids. If your child has a Gabb phone, they can access the extensive Gabb Library of hand-selected children’s content.

Q: How do I download music to a music player?

The first way is to subscribe to a streaming service. This can be Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube Music. Next, find the song or album you want to download and locate the “download” icon, which may differ from app to app. You may be given a range of audio quality options, with higher quality files taking up more space on your device. Then wait for the music to download.

You can also visit online music stores and download albums to your laptop in the same way. From there, you can connect your device to your computer using a USB cable, find your music files, and drag and drop them into the folder that represents your music player.

For Bluetooth streaming, make sure it’s enabled on both your laptop and your music player. Find the music files you want to send, then right-click and choose “send to” or “send via Bluetooth”. Your laptop will now display all nearby Bluetooth devices. Choose your music player from the list and wait for the transfer to complete.

Q: When is music too loud for children?

There is a lot of conflicting information about this. In general, the WHO recommends that music be kept low enough to be able to hold a conversation at arm’s length with someone, including children.

In terms of actual volume, 70 dB or less is generally considered safe for children, with louder levels up to a maximum limit of 85 dB for short periods.

Conclusion about the Best Music Players for Kids in 2024

When it comes to screenless audio players for kids, the options are plentiful and diverse, catering to different needs, age groups, and preferences. Whether it’s the Jooki Music Player, Amazon Echo Dot Kids, Yoto Player, RUIZU MP3 Player, or the Toniebox Audio Player, parents have a range of choices to ensure that their kids have a fun and enriching experience with music and stories to keep their kids happy!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can kids listen to music without a phone?
A: Kids can listen to music without a phone by using dedicated audio players designed for children. These players include MP3 players, smart speakers, and devices that offer screen-free listening experiences. Older children might also enjoy using traditional music players like CD players or vinyl records.

Q: Is there a music app suitable for kids?
A: Yes, there are several music apps designed specifically for kids, including Spotify Kids, Amazon Kids+, iHeartRadio Family, and Gabb Library. These apps offer age-appropriate content, including music, stories, podcasts, and audiobooks, with parental controls to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for kids.

Q: How do I download music to a music player?
A: You can download music to a music player by subscribing to a streaming service like Spotify or Apple Music, purchasing music from online stores, and transferring files from your computer to your music player. For Bluetooth streaming, ensure that both your computer and music player are enabled for Bluetooth and follow the device-specific steps for file transfer.

In this ever-evolving world of technology, screenless audio players provide a refreshing and beneficial alternative for kids’ entertainment. With their unique features and functionality, these devices offer new and exciting ways for children to engage with music and stories, encouraging creativity, interaction, and healthy screen time habits. Whether you’re looking for a simple and portable music player or a versatile audio device with additional functions, there’s a screenless audio player out there to suit your child’s needs.


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