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Perk Points and Staff Setups for Maximizing Profits in Your Business

So you know the basics of running a business and you want to know more, well you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’re going to talk a lot about perk points, staff setups for making money, and setups for making perk points. Plus, a few random bits of info that will hopefully answer any lingering questions.

Maximizing Perk Points

When you start a business, you won’t have any perk points. To get perk points, you actually have to do stuff. Any interactions your staff have won’t give you anything. However, you will get points for sales interactions, restocking, and closing a sale.

One of the best ways to get points is to open your store with the smallest markup of five percent, which will maximize the amount you can sell. Then, if you have staff, get them on sales while having your sim focus on closing sales and restocking. Buying the small version of the faster restocking and faster checkouts perks will bring down the time it takes to restock or close a sale from 30 to 20 game minutes.

While it may be faster to gain perk points by setting the markup to 100% and spamming sales options, it can be tiring and boring, so it’s not recommended unless your goal is to make fast money.

Staff Management

Staff in The Sims 4 are relatively useless but it’s important to focus on their work ethic when hiring. Ideally, you want at least four out of five points in work ethic. You can hire one employee at the start but will need perk points to hire a second or third.

It’s also good to have staff clean the store or help with sales pitches so you can restock and close sales, which are the interactions that get you more points.

Additional Tips

If you want to sell items your sim has crafted, you only need to make one and you’ll be able to restock it. Similarly, collectibles can be sold and restocked even if you don’t have multiples. Clothing can be sold easily by purchasing a mannequin in buy mode and setting it for sale.

When you purchase perks, they will apply to the business as a whole, not the sim that purchased them, meaning all members of the sims household will be able to receive their benefit.

If you sell your business, you will lose all your perks so be warned before deciding on this option.

Consider increasing your curb appeal through a fancy sign or launching an advertising campaign through your register if you’re finding you don’t have enough customers.

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