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Morning Routine: A Day in the Life

Good morning, everyone! Today, I thought I would change things up a bit and share with you my morning routine. As I sit here, enjoying the early morning, I can’t help but admire the beauty of the day. Whether it’s grabbing the wrong headphones or deciding on what to wear, my morning is always an adventure.

Skincare and Style

As far as skincare goes, I have my trusted products that I use on most mornings. I prioritize comfort when it comes to picking out my outfit for the day; my personal style is constantly evolving, but one thing that always stays consistent is my choice of dainty gold jewelry. It makes me feel confident and put together, without much effort.

Makeup and Outfit

I don’t wear makeup every day, but on days like today, it makes me feel more productive, especially when working from home. A little tinted moisturizer and bronzer go a long way in helping me feel put together. As for my outfit, I opt for something comfy and slouchy, like my breezy top and pants from Jeff Avenue and Beckham Bridge. I pair it with my trusty New Balance sneakers and, of course, my beloved jewelry from Majuri.

Home Decor and Breakfast

After showing you my outfit for the day, I take you through some recent home decor updates, including a chair I found at a thrift store and a new breakfast obsession – muesli porridge. It’s a simple and delicious start to my day.

Work and Creativity

As I start my day in the office, I check emails, reply to messages, and dive into my work. As a creative business owner, every day looks different for me. Whether it’s launching a new collection, experimenting with clay, or taking care of admin tasks, there’s always something exciting happening in my business.

After a productive morning, I head out to drop off orders, run errands, and pick up my latest creations from the kiln. I hope you’ve enjoyed spending the morning with me. A big thank you to Majuri for sponsoring this video! See you next week.

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