Microsoft launches Mesh 3D meetings for Teams

Have you ever dreamt of attending a meeting without leaving your living room? Well, Microsoft is officially making that dream a reality with the full launch of Mesh virtual meeting spaces. Instead of just having a regular Teams video call, you’ll be able to put on a virtual reality headset and interact with colleagues in a range of three-dimensional environments.

This means that you can now attend town halls, social gatherings, brainstorming sessions, or even join employee onboarding sessions from the comfort of your home, all thanks to Microsoft’s latest innovation.

The best part? You don’t necessarily need a VR headset to join in the fun. Mesh spaces can also be accessed via a regular PC, where you’ll be able to control a personalized avatar that can navigate the various settings. And for those who want that fully immersive experience, support for Meta’s Quest headsets will arrive shortly.

The idea behind these immersive meetings is to help remote workers feel more connected to their colleagues and their organization, which, in turn, could lead to better employee retention. With features such as spatial audio adding to the sense of immersion, Microsoft is betting big on the success of Mesh as a way to create cohesion in hybrid working arrangements.

If you’re curious about giving Mesh a try, there are two ways to access Mesh spaces: one is via an option in the View menu in Microsoft Teams, and there’s also a standalone app available in the Microsoft App Store and coming to the Meta Quest App Store. Businesses can also look forward to customizing 3D environments using a no-code editor, adding company logos and more. Furthermore, there’s a Unity-based “toolkit” for building 3D venues for more control over Mesh spaces.

However, the big question many are asking is whether Mesh will gain significant traction among business users. After all, the mood around metaverse-related technologies has shifted quite a bit over the past few years. But only time will tell whether immersive virtual spaces are truly useful.

In conclusion, Mesh is now generally available to customers on Teams Essentials, most Microsoft 365 plans, and Office365 enterprise tiers. If you want to use custom Mesh environments, you will require Teams Premium licenses.

Key Takeaways:
– Microsoft’s metaverse for the workplace, Mesh virtual meeting spaces, is now officially launched.
– An immersive experience can help remote workers stay connected to colleagues and the wider organization, potentially improving employee retention.
– Access Mesh spaces via a virtual reality headset, a regular PC, or standalone apps, making it accessible to a wide range of users. Customization options are available for businesses.

Q: Do I need a virtual reality headset to access Microsoft’s Mesh?
A: No, you can also access Mesh spaces via a regular PC or standalone apps available in the Microsoft App Store.

Q: How can businesses customize Mesh environments?
A: Businesses can use a no-code editor to customize 3D environments, adding company logos and more. There’s also a Unity-based “toolkit” for building 3D venues.

In conclusion, Microsoft’s Mesh virtual meeting spaces are an exciting development for the future of remote work and immersive collaboration, offering a potential new way for employees to connect and collaborate in virtual environments. While adoption rates remain to be seen, it’s clear that this is just the beginning of what might be possible with virtual reality and the workplace.


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