9 marketing strategies for small business – Email, SMS and Social Media Marketing tips

Discover the best marketing strategies for small business, if you want more customers without lifting a finger!

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Let’s show the best methods to get massive traffic to grow your business!

Online promotion is the only viable way to reach customers in 2022!
We help you promote your business by growing your business to reach Google first, but also through paid ads, promoting your business on Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin, but also other surprise services like SMS marketing, Email marketing and copywriting services !

The first marketing strategy for small business is to create a professional website for your company.

1.Create modern and fast website

Whether you want an online store, or just a site for customers to discover, we are here for you! Your site will be modern, very fast and we will secure it with the latest technologies, so that it cannot be hacked. This is definitely not something that the business owner thinks about when he wants a website, and there are a lot more about web design and web development that he needs to learn in order for him to reach new customers with his company website

details about web development that you probably do not know
details about web development that you probably do not know

You can see above that a good website has the DOM Content Loaded in less than 0.4 seconds, and the whole website was loaded in just 0.8 seconds.

Just to make sure that you understand, using 34 requests to the server, this website was loaded in 0.8 seconds and the whole complete page finished loading stuff that you do not see after 0.8 seconds later on, at 0.9 seconds.

I hope that you now better understand the importance of quality web development and why you should contact a professional team like us 😀


But lets talk more about other marketing strategies for small business that you need to find out if you want more customers

2.Grow this website on Google is the only purpose of all the marketing strategies for small business

Web design is nothing if the website does not grow on Google
Web design is nothing if the website does not grow on Google

To be the first thing people see when you search on Google for what you offer, we need to talk to other sites and collaborate on articles written for you (this is called copywriting).

Thus, in time, your business will always be in the first place, and potential customers will call you DIRECTLY on you!

The best marketing strategy for small businesses is to grow your website in the google search results, so that people actually read your content and not the website that your competitors have.

This is called SEO, from Search Engine Optimization and it is the best way to get constantly new customers from the visitors of your website. This is #1 out of all the marketing strategies for small business that you can do for your business.


And it is the reason why you could get massive traffic to your website for something that you created years back and you forgot about it.

This marketing strategy is terribly important and is not just luck, is hard work and is one of the services that our team provides, and you will understand it more if you continue to read on

3.Google Ads / Facebook Ads ad campaigns

In high season, for example, all your competitors pay Google to appear above normal Google results, and so they are called even though they don’t deserve to be in the first place.

This process can be expensive, or it can be a very good investment, as is the case below.

pay per each click is just .02 euros
pay per each click is just .02 euros

Here you saw that the pay per each click was just 0.2 euros, for a client in Romania, but our work is international!

This online promotion option is great in high season, for example, or when you want to supplement your reservations FAST!

Google Ads or Facebook Ads is therefore a quick solution for any online marketing campaign, its only disadvantage is that once the money is over, it disappears from the first places.

Another thing to mention about Google / Facebook Ads is that people have learned that those results are paid and often go beyond them, on the way to the “natural” results offered by Google.

As you can see, these marketing methods are complementary, meaning they must be used together to have the best results for your business!

Continuing the list with the marketing strategies for small business that you need to use to get more money for with your business, we have:

4.Social media marketing: #1 marketing strategy for small businesses

Did you know that when they want to buy something from an online store, people search on social media for that business, to see what people say about it?
Online marketing on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn is a must for any company in Romania!
When they have some free time, people go on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks. Children want to become influencers, not astronauts or firefighters.

So, taking your brand among the posts they see every day is the best way to get brand awareness, that is, to find out about your business!

When it comes to online promotion for your business, the Utopian team offers you marketing imagery services that will gradually grow your business and it will reach thousands of new people, who will know who to call when they want what you offer, because they’ve gotten used to your business already!

This option will produce the best results over time and is a very important method of online promotion, but rarely done properly!

Mistakes made by entrepreneurs on social media:

The following is a full article on the mistakes that Romanian entrepreneurs make on the online environment, but we will briefly present below the biggest mistakes in digital marketing and online advertising:

  • They do not have a professional page to present their business:

It doesn’t matter if you have a dental office, a cleaning company or any other profession, the first rule to gain the attention of people in the online environment is to introduce yourself, or rather, to present your business.

  • The online marketing you forgot about!

Most online marketers decide to go it cheap and risk the low bandwidth you are only fooling yourself. And no one gets into it, because even the owner forgot about it, then Google!

The basic idea when we talk about website promotion and online marketing in general is that we are talking about serious, long-term work, so that you get called even without ads.

Let’s see other marketing strategies for small business options for your business with which you can use to get more customers:

5.A Google placard is the first marketing strategy for small businesses that you must start today!

Some of the companies get a special placard right on Google results, and this is the first step to get people to your company website.

google placard
google placard


Because on that placard, anonymous users can leave reviews that reflect that company, and is the first step, the first stage of online advertising for your business, because here people leave reviews under the power of anonymity, and visitors who have gained trust will enter your company’s website and find out more about what you offer them!

And in the picture above you can see the button ”Add a website!”..That means that all these marketing strategies for small business are interconnected, and you need to use multiple tools to reach success, otherwise, a simple placard like this and a simple boring website are not going to cut it!

It is therefore essential that when people search the web for your business, they find up-to-date, accurate and attractive information, along with good 5-star reviews, if you want online marketing for your business to be successful!

The UTOPIAN promotion team also offers you the opportunity to have a virtual banner for your business, in which people can leave honest reviews, and you can present your services and products!
And the best part is that this banner will appear on Google every time someone searches for your business name on Google! It’s one of the easiest ways to have a salesperson with your business that never sleeps!
The price for this marketing strategy for small businesses and its maintenance is just 200 euros per AN.

6. Email- The best marketing strategy for small businesses

Getting the contact information from those interested(even briefly) in your website, is essential for getting new sales.

The email is therefore one of the first marketing strategy that any small business that has a website owner needs to care about.

Better yet, let me tell you more about this marketing strategy for small businesses from a different angle:

Imagine being able to write an e-mail directly to everyone when you offer discounts, or when it’s their birthday, to wish them happy birthday!

How do you think they will feel? Will they be eager to promote your services and even make a new sale from one of your amazing products?

Now you can understand the power of email, a great marketing strategy for small businesses.

It is very clear that being able to contact your former customers to offer them and your services is one of the cheapest ways to make money fast, much cheaper than to turn a visitor into a buyer.

So, you start to realize how important this method of online promotion is, which Romanian entrepreneurs do not use well enough in digital marketing.

Email cold services for companies

Another service offered by UTOPIAN, the online marketing agency in Bucharest, is that we offer services for up to 25,000 people that you can contact with the help of our online programs.

Cold email outreach is the cheapest way to improve your company position in the google search results and to get more traffic from different sources all over the world.


Because each link from other related websites are the #1 reason why Google will give your company website a better position.

And you can also get people from that website directly!

But how exactly does cold outreach, this marketing strategy for small businesses work?

In order to reach new customers, new suppliers or new companies with which you can collaborate, the UTOPIAN online marketing agency allows you to use our platforms to contact up to 25,000 companies, websites from all over the world!

This means that you can contact people of interest to you en masse, exactly in the field you are interested in!

And so we come to the following method of online marketing that we offer to our customers:

7.Write articles and build links from other sites to your site!

Every site has an authority, and if more important sites write about your business, then Google will recognize that you have the ability to do a good job, and when someone searches for information about your business, they will put the site you in the first place.

Without paying for ads!

So, whenever your competitors’ ad budgets are exhausted (and that’s very fast!), Your site will be the first thing Google searchers see!

In order to write other sites for you, we need to approach them coldly, as we suggested above, by email, through email campaigns, or we can create articles about your field of activity, in which you present your business and what an ordinary man must know.

Using this strategy of online marketing for small businesses , you inform your target audience (the people you are interested in), but you also present yourself as a professional in your field.

That way, people will trust you, and when they do, they’ll know who to call!

They will also be more informed and better future customers for your business!

8.Unique online promotion methods – Buy contact details of the companies you are interested in!

Another method of online promoters for you is the purchase of contact details from any company!

What this means?

You can buy from us the phone number, but also essential data about the company such as turnover, number of employees, net profit, receivables and cash, as you can see in the picture below

business contact information
business contact information

As you can see, digital marketing with the UTOPIAN team is a direct opportunity to collaborate with companies that interest you, but also to reach with your company people from all over the country, even from the world if you are interested!

9.Most direct online marketing strategy is SMS and RMS!

All of the marketing strategies for small business have one goal..to contact the user directly and to capture his attention.

People are sending more and more emails, tiktok is slowly reducing our capacity for deep work, therefore, the job of a marketer is getting harder and harder each day!

But do you know what method(out of all the marketing strategies for small business out there) has the biggest opening rate?


Why? Because it has the highest opening rate of all the marketing alternatives!

You therefore need to take advantage of this tool, like you can also check out our blog for multiple ideas to increase your productivity and to grow your small business.

UTOPIAN online marketing agency offers you the opportunity to contact directly the people you are interested in, and you can send unlimited SMSs at any time, scheduled in advance, to your customers.

So we can help you stay in touch with any customer you have gained over time, and you can make it very easy for them to get through the steps!

In conclusion, the web design and online marketing agency UTOPIAN can help you with any need you have in terms of marketing strategy for small businesses !

And if you want to learn how you can increase your productivity fast, you can check out the articles below or you can click directly here to find out the best email burner that you start using today!

Check out PacedEmail here


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