Kandji unveils Prism managed device reporting service

This is how companies who use Apple can properly manage their devices

Kandji has introduced Prism, a new compliance reporting tool that provides Apple administrators with insights into key information in one place concerning their entire fleet. This should help IT staffers monitor policy compliance, investigate incidents, and identify problems across managed endpoints, soon to include Vision Pro.

Weldon Dodd, senior vice president of community at Kandji, told me: “Michael Palmer expanded on Clive Humby’s famous quote that ‘data is the new oil’ by explaining that, while useful in its raw state, data must be refined to become really valuable.

“Data about endpoint devices is an incredibly rich resource for device management, troubleshooting, and productivity improvements and is critical to establishing a comprehensive security posture in today’s remote/hybrid/work-from-anywhere environment,” Dodd said.

Previously, users have been able to see details about individual devices in the Kandji console; now they can see all that data in one page. Being able to swiftly review such information fast is gold dust to IT and security teams, as it gives them actionable insights that can help prevent or respond to problems in those fleets.

In unveiling Prism, Kandji pointed to its most recent report on Apple in the enterprise. A second report suggested that those organizations that lack good visibility into their IT assets experience 3.3 times more incidents than those who do.

As I keep hearing from so many in the sector, Apple use is rapidly growing in the enterprise. As business turns to Apple, enterprise tech is accelerating its use of device management solutions, creating opportunity for vendors in the space such as Jamf, Addigy, Hexnode, JumpCloud, and Kandji.

There’s plenty of soil still to till — one piece of research claimed as many as half the businesses in some sectors don’t yet use device management solutions to protect their growing Apple fleets, which means there’s still business to be generated.

Of course, as the MDM APIs Apple provides to device management vendors iteratively improve every year, the reasons not to use MDM continue to shrink, particularly in regulated industries. Compliance isn’t a nice-to-have, after all; for some businesses it is a legal requirement.

“Apple is actively working to win over remaining admins from Windows,” an industry insider recently said. “The enhancements and simplifications they’re making not only improve device management but also motivate admins to choose Apple now and in the future.” 

The growing maturity of Apple enterprise services and support industries means the features IT enjoys on the platform also continue to improve.

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**Key takeaways**

– Prism provides comprehensive compliance reporting for Apple administrators.
– Good visibility into IT assets can lead to fewer incidents.
– Apple device management solutions are on the rise in the enterprise.
– MDM continues to improve and is becoming more essential for businesses.


The introduction of Prism by Kandji represents a significant step forward in the management of Apple devices for businesses. As more and more companies integrate Apple into their enterprises, the need for robust device management solutions continues to grow. With good visibility into IT assets and comprehensive compliance reporting, businesses can reduce the incidents they experience, which is essential in the current remote/hybrid/work-from-anywhere environment.

**Frequently asked questions**

*Q: What does Prism offer to Apple administrators?*
A: Prism provides compliance reporting and insights into key information regarding the company’s entire fleet of devices.

*Q: Why is reporting important for device management?*
A: Reporting provides valuable insights into device management, troubleshooting, and productivity improvements in a business environment, particularly in today’s remote and hybrid work settings.

*Q: How is Apple’s enterprise use evolving?*
A: Apple’s enterprise use is rapidly growing, creating opportunities for vendors in the device management space to support the increasing number of Apple devices being used in the enterprise.

*Q: Why are MDM solutions becoming more essential for businesses?*
A: MDM solutions are becoming increasingly crucial for businesses due to regulatory compliance requirements and the need for comprehensive security postures in today’s work environment.


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