It’s not just hype; genAI is already live at many companies

# The Impact of Generative AI on Businesses

The use of generative AI in businesses has seen a significant increase in recent years, with companies integrating this new technology into various aspects of their operations. A report by business automation vendor Workato, based on data collected from over 1,000 companies, reveals that genAI use has increased five-fold from 2021 to 2023. This growth demonstrates the substantial impact that generative AI is having on businesses across different industries.

## Key Takeaways
– Generative AI use in businesses has increased five-fold from 2021 to 2023.
– Line of business teams are taking advantage of generative AI to automate their work and handle complex processes.
– The democratization of generative AI technology is allowing operational teams to oversee the majority of AI automation projects.

The Workato report also highlights the democratization of generative AI, with line of business teams leveraging this technology to automate their work and handle processes with complex tool stacks. While the majority of these automation projects are currently overseen by IT departments, the report predicts that operational teams will increasingly take over these responsibilities in the next few years. This shift signifies a major step forward, empowering employees and teams to accomplish great things with the help of generative AI.

“People are happier when they are empowered to do great things,” said Workato CIO Carter Busse in the report, emphasizing the positive impact of enabling employees to harness the power of generative AI in their daily work.

The report also notes that IT departments remain a key business unit for genAI use, with about a third of business-focused use cases for the technology being IT-related. Automation of helpdesk and service ticketing functions, as well as conversation summaries, are among the key areas where generative AI is making an impact in IT departments.

## Conclusion
As generative AI continues to reshape business operations, it is clear that its impact is far-reaching. From empowering operational teams to automate complex processes to driving efficiencies in IT departments, the democratization of generative AI is transforming the way businesses operate. The exponential growth of data operations automation further underscores the significance of this technology in helping companies cope with the vast amounts of data they handle and extract value from it.

In the coming years, we can expect generative AI to play an even more significant role in driving innovation, streamlining processes, and enhancing productivity across various industries.

## Frequently Asked Questions

### What is generative AI?
Generative AI is a technology that enables machines to produce content, such as images, music, and text, that is indistinguishable from human-generated content. It has applications in various fields, including art, music, and business operations.

### How are businesses using generative AI?
Businesses are leveraging generative AI to automate processes, handle complex tasks, and derive insights from large datasets. It is being used by operational teams to streamline workflows and by IT departments to automate helpdesk and service ticketing functions.

### What are the key benefits of using generative AI in business?
The key benefits of using generative AI in business include enhanced productivity, streamlined processes, and the ability to automate repetitive tasks. It also empowers employees to work more efficiently and handle complex tasks with greater ease.

With the increasing adoption of generative AI in businesses, we can expect to see further advancements in this technology and its widespread integration into various aspects of the corporate landscape.


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