8 Best Instagram for business Tips-Get more clients with these tip

If you want to learn how to use Instagram for business but you are afraid that this might be too complicated, do not worry!

Instagram for business is almost like regular Instagram page, but with more options that you can use.

So lets dive into the nitty-gritty of Instagram for business with the first tip, out of the 8 tips for mastering Instagram for business

1. Showcase your work creatively

When you want to know the best tips for using IG for business but there are too many options to choose from, you need to remember that you should concentrate on the solutions you provide, not the items that you promote.

On Instagram, it’s important to provide your audience with appealing images and videos while keeping in mind who you are.

Never underestimate the fact that your main asset (and your downfall) on this social media network is visual content.

This (maybe best) tip for using IG for business might seem counterintuitive, but:

You should not use it as a business, but as a way to share your dedication to your mission with the world!

Talking about tips for content creation on Instagram, the best tips for our clients when they start working with us is to offer content about tips and how-to’s, or just clarify how their business works.

You can select from a number of unique formats after you upload content on Instagram – for instance, you can opt for Stories, uploading Boomerangs and reels, as well as IGTV!

Therefore, the options are virtually limitless!

The best tip for using your Instagram business page as a pro is to make your content better than your competition- so learn with who you compete and start creating more engaging content today!

Schedule reels, posts & more for your company using SocialBee/Ocoya

You need usually to waste a lot of time to post to social media to make people hear about your brand. Also, there are multiple social media platforms, with different needs and content formatting options.

Our social media managers know this is very hard for a busy entrepreneur, and we can help, (just contact us HERE!) .

But if you want to be your own brand social media manager, you need the tools that our team has!

It is called SocialBee and you can find out in the next video how it allows you complete control over your Brand, create content right inside this tool at once and have it posted automatically, and lots more!

Check out this complete overview:

Now you know the 1st tip for Instagram Business: Create fast, Automate your content, publish automatically using SocialBee.

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Let’s continue our list with the tips for Instagram business that you need to know !

You can also watch this list as a video, but keep reading to make sure you get more information that was not added to the video>

Best Instagram TIPS for business Smart tools to use Instagram for business:

2. See your business grow with Instagram stories!

Now that you know that you can create content inside SocialBee, schedule it whenever you want and go on with your day, you should know what type of content you should create.

The algorithm of any social media platform, explained!

The minds behind Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms want only one thing- To find out more about what you like and to give it to you, FAST!

Otherwise, the typical user on Instagram will break the habit and will start seeing ads, which makes them money.

The best type of content that you can create is the one that you will do consistently.

It is important to start creating content , then publishing it regularly, and then learn what works and what does not, then tweak an see the progress. It is a long journey, and you can contact us and we can do this for you.

UPDATE July 2022: You can see full analytics in SocialBee for ALL your social media platforms, here is some information from my personal twitter account:

Soft-Reviewed.us team
twitter analytics use social bee is a good tip for instagram business
twitter analytics use social bee is a good tip for instagram business

Using Social bee is one of the first things we recommend for clients that want to manage their social media presence on their own because you can also discover recommendations based on this analytics, created automatically for you for each social media account!

Automatic tips regarding content for your Instagram Business page

Here is a preview of that:

type of content you should create tips for instagram
type of content you should create tips for instagram

You can also post reels (short videos) or stories in SocialBee just from regular images, therefore you can take advantage of different types of content using the same images you created once.

Different types of content for your Instagram Busienss profile

Different types of content for your Instagram Busienss profile
Different types of content for your Instagram Busienss profile

The tip for Instagram business page and seeing it reach lots of new customers is to use your existing posts regularly as stories, with a little bit of filters and

Instagram Stories are great for any business that wants to make it on Instagram!

They can be used to capture behind-the-scenes content that doesn’t have to be as high in quality as regular posts. They are easily accessible from the top part of the follower timeline, right under the Instagram Logo.

The main reason why you should use Instagram stories is because people usually sit back and stories are automatically played from all the people your follower is subscribed to, as well as some relevant suggestions from the Instagram algorithm.

That means that, if Instagram thinks your brand are a good fit for that particular person, the follower will see your story next!

That is amazing because you have access to new potential clients, without any hassle!

These are some of the benefits of using Instagram Stories for brands:

  1. Stories are displayed in order that they were created, and you can add as many as you would like!
  2. It is very convenient to try and test what works for your particular business, therefore you can use different content types including filters, stickers, photos, videos, and live video.
  3. Experiment with tagging other accounts is perfect for influencer marketing.
  4. Instagram stories can be extremely fun, and stickers and face filters might make your business expremely popular if a video goes viral!
  5. Your business could also beneficiate from hashtags and locations, which are a Gods sent for small business owners, like our clients for whom we manage social media as well as their website.

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But let me tell you more about how you should be using IG for business tips to reach new customers:

Discover the 8 best Instagram for business Tips that will make your business skyrocket!

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Related tips for Instagram Business productivity

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Instagram for Business is the best way to reach new potentional clients.


This website is here to show you all the best tips to reach new customers, so make sure that you subscribe for more tips on how to properly market your business!

8 Best Instagram for business Tips-Get more clients with these tip

Are you ready for more tips on the best way to use your IG for business?

Find out how you can use Instagram for business in the smart way and even to schedule your posts.

In order to properly use Instagram for your business, you need to set it up properly, otherwise your work will not influence anyone to contact you.

Find out the perfect setup for instagram for business in this article!

Try IGTV to set up your IG for Business success!

Instagram IGTV lets users upload videos that are longer videos to highlight visually exciting, engaging content for your brand or for your company.

Using ig for business is not simple, but long-form video content is taking over social media, so do not skip this part for your instagram for business page

Best Instagram for business Tips- Tips for Instagram for Business by SR team

Best Instagram for business tips

What are the benefits of creating Instagram stories?

  1. IGTV videos can be anywhere from 60 seconds to an hour long, giving ample room for creativity.
  2. The Following tab in IGTV, allows your fans’ access to your new content. Followers will also be alerted when you post great content that it is fresh in no time!

The most important factor for growing your business using Instagram when we talk about IGTV is the fact that IGTV videos can be integrated in the channel’s feed with one-minute previews, making images and videos more readily discoverable and shareable with others.

Using IG for business extremely useful for reaching new customers if you focus on reels and IGTV, so do not skip this part for your Instagram for business page

Also, when we talk about the tips to grow your Instagram page, then you need to remember about social proof, and for the fact that Instagram users can leave comments which will appear on IGTV videos when they’re viewed, as well as like them.

This may inspire greater engagement, that means that your content is noticed by the algorithm of Instagram and distributed to even more people.

This is the best way to use IG for business and the main reason that our clients are happy unloading this tasks to us!

Even the best Instagram for business tips cannot be as good as having a professional team that is affordable doing all this work for you!

Let us grow your business!

Planning your social media for the year?

advanced analytics from a IG business profile tip of the day using IG for business
advanced analytics from a IG business profile tip of the day using IG for business

Did you know you can use Ocoya or SocialBee to create content ONCE and schedule it in advance?

Ocoya and SocialBee are the tools that we use for managing our clients IG business pages so that they are always active and always reaching new customers while actually managing their offline business.

Audience advanced analytics from a IG business profile tip of the day using IG for business
Audience advanced analytics from a IG business profile tip of the day using IG for business

Check out this review of Social Bee here:

Check out Ocoya in this complete review here:

Yes, it is about Ocoya ­čśÇ

Posting: what to post and how often

Are you curios on how to properly post so that you can be using ig for business without wasting too much time on it?

Then you are in luck!

Because using ig for business is our specialty here at Soft-Reviewed.

Posting on Instagram is a job in itself.

Your brand will need constant content, constant posting.

This can be quite tiresome and can take its toll on your ability to actually manage your business, and if you try to do this manually then you will find yourself wasting your life on replying to comments and other tasks like that.

We can do this tasks for you!

We offer concierge services and you can take care of your business without having to worry about all of analysing data and hashtags that work and those that dont, as well as replying to each customer that has a question for you.

Growing your following by creating a winning profile

The second Instagram for business tip that you should remember is that you need a winning profile to make it through the noise that usually comes using IG for business.

When we talk about creating a winning IG profile, we know that it is hard to fit all your services in 150 or less characters…

But donÔÇÖt get too caught up about that.

You need to focus only on the most important keywords related to your business, by that we mean to focus only on the most relevant words that describe your business.

Example of a winning IG business profile from our Romanian Founder called David

If you want a little bit of inspiration, take a look at how the founder of the SR team, (David) is using using Ig for business by adding emojis, as well the main services that our team offer.

David using Ig for business with keywords to the profile description
David using Ig for business with keywords to the profile description
SR founder David usingBest Instagram for business tips with keywords to the profile description
SR founder David using Ig for business with keywords to the profile description-Tips for Instagram for Business –

TIP FOR USING IG business profile like a seasoned pro!

Since most people you discover you are landing on your IG business profile page, it makes sense for you to actually mention directly in your profile description the the big thing happening for your brand – Think discounts, coupons, a.s.o

This tip alone if applied properly will grow your IG business profile to amazing new heights, so make sure to remember it!

Use micro-landing pages to drive sales

Best Instagram for business Tips explained by the Soft-Reviewed team, the digital marketing for all your business needs.

Instead your regular website link, use micro-landing pages to showcase your business and drive sales RIGHT FROM YOUR IG BIO!

Check out https://business-marketing-sr.taplink.ws

This is a micro-website, and it is made specifically for smartphone devices, so that it looks great and it loads extremelly faster than a regular website.

micro landing page instagram for business tips for business owners
micro landing page important instagram for business tips for business owners

Also, there a numerous advantages of using a micro-landing page here, and this is another service that we offer to our clients…

But the best tip for using IG business bio is to create an online store and sell your services and and products directly from this micro-landing page.

The best part?

You can add multiple pages to it, so there is no problem to add multiple services and products without the need for a usual eCommerce website.

You also get advanced analytics if you use a micro-landing page in your IG business page, and you can see per day/week/month the profile clicks and how they are using the micro-landing page.

This function allows you to get advanced insights into the mind of the visitors to your IG business profile!

Advanced analytics for micro landing page for IG business profile tips for marketing on instagram
Advanced analytics for micro landing page for IG business profile tips for marketing on Instagram-Best Instagram for business Tips

If you decide to use Taplink, like we do, find out more about it Here!

Speaking of tips for Instagram for businesses, you might be interested to learn how to tame your inbox BEFORE it gets flooded with spam from all the corners of the world..

So check out Paced Email review below

BEST Tip for using IG for business- Add your phone number as the contact number to your profile!

Instagram recently launched Instagram Business profiles page and changed paid advertising instantly!


Because now you can also add your email and phone number RIGHT in the IG business profile description.

This is truly GOLD for any IG business profile owner!

Because your great content has intrigued a random person to contact you, therefore you just earned a customer without lifting a finger, and just by showcasing your work.

If you want to learn exactly how to set up your IG business profile corectly, and not make mistakes that most small business owner make, an article about that is in the works, but you can speed things up if you contact us HERE or at https://business-marketing-sr.taplink.ws .

Promoting your business by taking people behind-the-scenes

One of the best tips that you need to remember about using IG business profile like a pro is to nurture the natural curiosity that people have about you and your business.

Customers are curious to know where their products came from, and you can take advantage of Instagram for all various stages of production to source images that illustrate it all.

This is particularly useful for companies that sell socially conscious or Fair Trade products. Source photos to demonstrate where products come from, from the material, production, and distribution.

instagram tips for small business like on this IG busienss profile inspiration
instagram tips for small business like on this IG busienss profile inspiration

As you can see, the instagram tips for small businesses that we offer have worked for clients all over the world, and they can work for yours too!

But our list of tips for Instagram for business is not over

Expand your reach (for more potential clients) by using hashtags

Using hashtags is one of the best tips for Instagram for business.


You can add up to 30 Hashtags in a single post/video/reel/IGTV, therefore you have lots of space to research the best ones for your business..

Hashtags allow you to add your profile with other businesses in a list of content published under that topic….and maybe even steal customers from those other businesses.

But there is a catch…

Hashtags are not now as powerfull as they once were!

So using hashtags for your IG business content is a good idea, but their reach is limited to what the Instagram algorithm detects your content to be about.

Therefore, using spammy hashtags or those that are too general (#ProudtobeanAmerican and your IG business posts are about renovations, the Instagram algorithm will simply ignore them).


Because the content that you create is analysed by AI-Artificial intelligence, therefore you need Instagram SEO, or Google SEO services to reach new customers.

Therefore, these Instagram tips for small business is just the first part of your journey..

Timothe Hovine client forSR team
Timothe Hobine
Tim froves
Tim froves


Using IG for business is not simple, but long-form video content is taking over social media, so do not skip this part for your Instagram for business page success!

dont try to manage your business and try to keep up with the ever-changing variables that define what has success on the internet and what is left behind..

Leave this to others that know how to properly implement this tips for Instagram for businesses sucesfully.

Contact us today for requesting a free quote and we will surely offer you the best offer, especially regarding social media management!

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