How to use the new genAI template tool in Google Sheets

Are you looking to create a custom spreadsheet in Google Sheets, but not sure where to start? Don’t worry – whether you’re organizing a project, tracking a budget, or creating a payroll schedule, Google’s new generative AI tool, Help Me Organize, can help you create a tailored template that meets your specific needs.

Duet AI: the generative AI toolkit for Google Workspace

First, let’s go over how Help Me Organize fits within the genAI technology for Google Workspace, which is called Duet AI. These are AI tools in Workspace apps that can help you create content for your workflow.

In Gmail and Google Docs: Help Me Write suggests sentences based on a subject you want to write about, with additional tools that can expand, paraphrase, or shorten your wording.

In Google Slides: Help Me Visualize conjures images based on a brief description that you write (referred to as a “prompt”). The result can be inserted onto your slides.

In Google Sheets: Based on your prompt, the Help Me Organize tool generates a table with headings, placeholder text, and possible formulas in its cells that you can then adjust to your needs.

Who can use Duet AI in Google Workspace

As of this writing, Duet AI is available only for paying Workspace customers, not users who use Google apps through a free Gmail account. However, you can sign up to request access to Workspace Labs to try new features for Workspace, including Duet AI tools.

How to access Help Me Organize in Google Sheets

You can access Help Me Organize from a spreadsheet in Google Sheets. The tool will “soon” be able to analyze and organize existing data in a spreadsheet, but it currently creates templates with sample data only. For now, it’s best to use the tool on a new, blank spreadsheet or on a new sheet in an existing spreadsheet.

How to use Help Me Organize

Simply click inside the entry box on the “Help me organize” panel, type a description of the kind of template you want Duet AI to generate, and click Create.

If Duet AI comes up with a result, the template will appear over your spreadsheet. Keep in mind that you should always consider what Duet AI generates as a rough draft that you’ll need to modify to make it more suitable for your use. Once you’ve inserted a template in your spreadsheet, you can tweak it however you like: change heading names, add rows or columns, adjust formulas, enter real data, and so on.

How to write a prompt in Help Me Organize

Unsure about how to write a prompt? Here are some general tips that can elicit useful templates from Duet AI:
– Describe a specific project that you want to track
– Include specific headings that you’d like to see in the template
– Use numbers and math formulas
– Describe dropdowns, lists, task lists, or to-dos
– Describe a chart you’d like to create

Key Takeaways

Using Duet AI tools in Google Workspace, particularly Help Me Organize in Google Sheets, can help you create custom templates that are tailored to your specific needs. While this tool is currently only available for paying Workspace customers, users can request access to Workspace Labs to try new features.


Overall, Help Me Organize is a valuable tool for creating custom templates in Google Sheets. By utilizing AI to generate tailored templates, users can save time and effort when building spreadsheets for various purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use Help Me Organize in Google Sheets with a free Gmail account?
A: As of now, this tool is available only for paying Workspace customers, but users can request access to Workspace Labs.

Q: What kind of prompts can I use to get useful templates from Duet AI?
A: Describing a specific project, including specific headings, using numbers and math formulas, describing dropdowns or to-dos, and describing a chart are all useful prompts to get tailored templates from Duet AI.

Q: Can I modify the templates generated by Help Me Organize?
A: Yes, you can and should consider what Duet AI generates as a rough draft that you’ll need to modify to make it suitable for your use.


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