How many jobs are available in technology in the US?

Original Introduction:

The US added twice as many jobs in January as analysts had expected, though the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 3.7% and tech layoffs continued to plague the IT industry.

In January, the US added 353,000 jobs, according to data published today by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). And for tech workers, the latest employment data suggests 2024 is off to a promising start, according to an analysis by IT trade association CompTIA.

Key takeaways:

– The unemployment rate for tech workers is at 2.3%, well below the overall national rate, according to CompTIA.
– Tech companies added jobs in several primary sub-sectors, including technology services, software development, cloud infrastructure, and tech manufacturing.
– There has been significant employer interest in filling positions in software development, IT project management, data analysis and science, IT support and systems analysis and engineering.


The addition of 353,000 jobs in January signals a positive start to 2024 for the US job market, particularly in the tech industry. While layoffs are still present in the IT industry, there is evidence of growth in specific tech segments such as cloud infrastructure, software development, and AI-related positions. Overall, the first quarter of 2024 is anticipated to see measured hiring, but the job market is expected to stabilize with time.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: What were the top tech job postings by job openings in the US for December 2023?
A: The top tech job postings by job openings in the US were Software Developers and Engineers, IT Project Management, Data Analysts, Emerging, IT Support Specialists, Systems Analysts and Engineers, and Data Scientists.

Q: What kind of tech positions within the IT industry are seeing the highest demand?
A: The highest demand continues to be for AI specialists, security professionals, programmers, and blockchain processing experts.

Q: Are there still significant challenges in finding tech talent?
A: Yes, 76% of IT employers say they are facing difficulty finding the talent they need, according to senior vice president of IT staffing firm Experis, Ger Doyle.


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