Cisco Webex comes to Apple’s Vision Pro

Cisco has joined Zoom and Microsoft Teams with the official introduction of its business-grade video conferencing solution for Apple’s recently introduced Vision Pro. The company officially announced the rollout at Cisco Live in Amsterdam, though the app is available now. What’s intriguing is how Apple’s Vision Pro could potentially disrupt the way we work, as stated by Jeetu Patel, Cisco’s executive vice president.

Cisco’s Webex for Apple Vision Pro offers a full Webex experience, allowing you to join meetings, arrange individual video frames, and create shared content windows using Apple’s pinch-and-drag gestures. With Apple’s visionOS Persona feature, others can see your digital representation and utilize features such as background noise removal, real-time translations, and closed captions. Moreover, the integration of Zoom on Apple Vision Pro and visionOS extends the platform promise, enabling participants to have the ultimate meeting experience from anywhere.

Whether you work in retail, healthcare, or manufacturing, spatial computing could change how you work. Imagine feeling like there’s no distance between you and your colleagues, even when you’re a world away. The possibilities of Apple Vision Pro seem boundless.

The collaboration between Apple and Cisco, which dates back to 2015, has already resulted in Cisco introducing Webex for iPad, CarPlay, and AirPlay on its own collaboration hardware, and industry-first features for Apple devices, including support for DeskView and Continuity Camera. This continuous innovation suggests that businesses expect to see increasing use of spatial computing in the workplace.

The rollout of Webex for Apple Vision Pro is just one example of Apple’s push to expand its enterprise offerings. The fact that all three key enterprise collaboration services—Cisco, Zoom, and Microsoft—have already introduced their own collaboration tools for the device indicates that this could well be the next frontier in collaboration.

In conclusion, Vision Pro’s introduction may seem like just another tech rollout, but with the potential to disrupt how industries work, the rise of spatial computing has the potential to revolutionize not just how we collaborate, but how we work and interact with technology.

Key takeaways:
– Spatial computing is the next frontier of collaboration
– The Webex experience with Apple Vision Pro allows for seamless spatial collaboration
– The integration of Zoom and Microsoft Teams with Vision Pro indicates growing enterprise support for spatial computing

Frequently asked questions:
Q: What is Apple Vision Pro?
A: Apple Vision Pro is a device designed to facilitate spatial computing experiences, creating a more immersive and interactive environment for collaboration.
Q: What are some key features of Webex for Apple Vision Pro?
A: The app offers a full Webex experience, including joining meetings and managing video frames and shared content windows using Apple’s gesture control.
Q: Will spatial computing becoming the new norm?
A: While spatial computing is still in its infancy, the rollout of platforms like Webex and Zoom for Apple Vision Pro point towards growing enterprise adoption of spatial computing.


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