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Can a nun marry? Can a nun marry a woman?

Well, yes and no, even though the latter already happened!

The secretive life of a nun is finally accessible for those who want to find out more!

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Nuns are everywhere in our culture.

They’ve appeared in a lot of movies, ranging from comedies, such as the hilarious Sister Act films, to horror movies, like the terrifying The Nun.

But what exactly do we know about nun?

These unique women have

However, just how much do we really know about the lives of real nuns? These are some interesting facts about these unique women, who devote their entire lives to the service of God.

What do nuns wear under the black clothing?

First of all, the black clothing that nuns wear is called habits, which are heavy woolen clothing, Therefore, there are not a lot of things that a nun can wear underneath, usually just normal underwear.

In the winter, the nuns can get more clothing underneath that habit and add some shorts and usually a T-shirt.

As you can imagine, nuns are not going to sleep with their habit on, because it is kinda like their work costume, so they need to have it prepared for other situations.

You can see nuns taking part in regular social life anywhere, but here are some great pictures that involve nuns.

These nuns know how to rage and to have a good time

These nuns know how to rage and to have a good time

This nun stole over $800K to party it up in Las Vegas

yes, you understood correctly!

This nun want more than just to get married, she wanted to live …a little!

Can a nun get married or steal Check this bad girl
Can a nun get married or steal Check this bad girl

Therefore, Sister Mary Margaret Kreuper wanted to have fun..

Mary Margaret Kreuper was the principal at St. James Catholic School where she embezzled more than $835,000 in donations and scholarships to fuel a gambling “habit” that she had.


The former principal of Torrance’s St James Catholic School, Kreuper was responsible for the tuition fees and donations during her 28 years as principal.

Despite a vow of poverty, Kreuger managed to embezzle the money without the school board finding out for numerous years. As part of her plea agreement, it was noted that she spent the money to pay for large gambling expenses as casinos and personal credit card charges.

According to her plea deal:

[Kreuper] lulled St. James School and the Administration into believing that the school’s finances were being properly accounted for and its financial assets properly safeguarded, which, in turn, allowed defendant Kreuper to maintain her access and control of the school’s finances and accounts and, thus, continue operating the fraudulent scheme.

This nun did even worse than that!

On top of all of these allegations, Kreuper even made employees alter and destroy financial records during school audits in order to protect her criminal actions.

Kreuper now faces 40 years in federal prison for embezzling a total of $835,339 and is set for an arraignment on July 1st.

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These nuns are not getting married soon unless they get a better Instagram picture

These nuns are not getting married soon unless they get a better Instagram picture
These nuns are not getting married soon unless they get a better Instagram picture

More or less, nuns are regular women who use pajamas or nightgowns like regular people.

Nuns can’t touch men- The secretive life of nuns revealed!

More on this later, but to be accepted as a nun, a woman has to take vows before the Lord.

One of them is to be unwed( I will cover more on this topic regarding if a nun can get married BELOW).

The second vow a nun will take is that she will not have any touchy-touchy relationships with women.

This is the case because they are choosing to enter a holy matrimony with our Savior.

Nuns shushing Clothing from their secretive life of nuns
Nuns shushing Clothing from their secretive life of nuns

Finally, they must pledge to always be obedient to the head of the convent.

Nuns must live in poverty

If you think that nuns are doing well in that church, but they are great at hiding it, you might me wrong.

Another vow that a nun will take, beside the one regarding the fact that a nun cannot get married, is the vow of poverty.

This means that most of their income (pensions, especially), is going to go to their superior, the one that she swore to be obedient to.

So their luxuries are rather small, like shampoo that smells nice.

They do this to remind themselves to keep faith that God will provide.

Can nuns go to the beach?

As they chose to be obedient, nuns are going to be quite dependent on their superior. So, a nun cannot go to the beach even if they are in Africa if they do not get an approval from their head of the convent.

Also, the fact that they are allowed to go to the beach does not mean that the regular nun behavior is going to be forgot.

Nuns that can go to the beach are required to stick together and to wear clothes that do not reveal too much (modest clothing)

Nuns surfing Clothing from their secretive life of nuns
Can nuns go to the beach?
Nuns surfing From their secretive life of nuns

This typically consists of a bathing habit, which is a habit they use and wear when they are about to get dirty, such as when they do gardening.

Can nuns swear? 

Like the rest of us, this is not allowed. Our social conditioning mentions that we must abstain from swearing.

For a nun, no matter if she was a good girl, worthy of marriage with Christ or not, to swear is a big sin.

But being a human being ,prone to errors, things might slip.

Do nuns watch TV?

Yes, nuns are allowed to watch TV, but no a 50in TV will ever be found in their rooms.

Usually, nuns are too busy with chores in the monastery or with prayer, therefore to have a nuns have a hard time to have more impressive secret life.

Some nuns can have a TV, but their poverty woes are not allowing them to have the money to buy a huge plasma TV or netflix, therefore the lucky ones only watch the news or the local channels, if they are really lucky.

What do nuns eat?

Do nuns wear underwear?

Yes, nun are allowed to wear underwear. Even though their luxury list is a lot more limited than yours and mine, nuns are allowed to wear underwear.

Do nuns use smartphones?

Nuns are not supposed to have or use smartphones, at least according to Pope Francis who issued a papal decree to that effect in 2016.

He acknowledged that the smartphones are good for keeping tabs with family, but they also come loaded with social media and temptation, which could be a hurdle in their journey towards being a better nun.

The Pope also said that social media and smartphones take away from prayer and reverence of God, therefore, the secret life of nuns has to remain a secret, for the most cases.

Nuns actually CAN get married

It is indeed permissible for nuns to get married, but not in the way that you are thinking. When joining a cloister, they do vow themselves to God. They actually make this vow in a ceremony which is very similar, but just not quite an actual wedding.

So while they are not marrying another person, they are actually marrying Jesus. However, there have been cases whereby former nuns go on to get married, but only once they have left the monastic lifestyle.

Can a nun marry?

If you are interested in finding out if a nun can marry, then you came to the right place!

The short answer to the question- Can a nun marry is simple, she cannot!

But, there is a way to circumvent this.

They have to choose between being the spouse of a man or a woman (see below) or being the wife of Christ.

Same is true if a married woman wants to become a nun.

Can a nun be married?

Married nuns must get a “divorce” from their previous spouse

It is rather common for a woman to get married and then to see that they yearn not to be married, but to be a nun.

This this fine with the Church.

However, in order to become a nun the marriage to their former spouse must be legally annulled. Only after that step a nun can become married to…Jesus Christ!

Can a nun be married to a woman?

As I said, a nun can get married, but she will lose her nun status.

The eternal damnation for going back on their vows is a different topic.

Can a nun get married
Can a nun get married

But let’s be cherry and let us present you the case where two nuns got married, and this situation, like many things, including great wine and amazing culture, are coming from Italy.

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Now let me tell you about the leap of faith that this couple of nuns from Italy took by marrying each other !

It’s not your average love story. These two former nuns from Italy took the unexpected decision to give up their vows and wed each other.

Despite the Roman Catholic Church’s long-held opposition against same-sex marriages, Federica and Isabel wed in a small ceremony last month.

Isabel came to Italy from South America to work in a drug rehab center, where she met Federica a few years ago. Over time, the two became friends and their relationship slowly blossomed into a romantic dream.

Before getting married, both women had to formerly notify the Vatican that they would be leaving the sisterhood.

However, while the two aren’t allowed to continue being nuns, it doesn’t mean they’re leaving the church.

Both have said they will continue to be involved in active practice of the Catholic faith. “We are leaving the convent, but we are not leaving the church and we will not forget our faith,” said Federica.

For them, this is simply in God’s plan for their happiness.

“God wants people to be happy, wants them to live their love out in broad daylight,” Isabel added.

Italy recently became one of the last countries in Western Europe to approve same-sex marriages, when its parliament approved the move last year. So far, this is the first publicized, same-sex marriage of two nuns in the country.

Because the Roman Catholic Church opposes same-sex marriage, Isabel and Federica were not married by a Catholic priest. Instead, they opted to make the union legal by Luca Salvai, a local mayor in Pinerolo, a town in Northwestern Italy.

Salvai commented that the two had a simple ceremony and that he was “happy to have helped them to achieve their wish.”

Adhering to their Catholic roots, the newly wed couple plans to celebrate their union with a separate religious service in the coming weeks.

The service will be performed by Franco Barbero, who left the Catholic Church in 2003 after being excommunicated from the church by Pope John Paul II for speaking out on the church’s view of homosexuality and other issues.

Barbero has conducted hundreds of civil ceremonies since then and this will be his 20th in 2016.

He said their love story was no less valid than any other, and that it was “like all the love stories in the world.”

He went on to add, “They got to know each other slowly… and in the end, they discovered deep feelings. They are two beautiful people, with very deep faith.”

Barbero commended the women for not taking the decision lightly, knowing that it was – to borrow from religious phrasing – “a leap of faith” and that many in the Catholic world would not accept their decision.

“They thought about it for a long time and took their decision courageously, knowing it wouldn’t be widely accepted,” said Barbero.

Federica urges the church to see it’s just two people who loves each other. Either way, they’re going to be all right.

Rev. Saint-Sernin said, “The love of so many couples reminds us that love is not something confined to the world of privacy. God created it for all men to share with one another.”

As you can see, a nun CAN get married!

Conclusion- A nun* CAN get married!


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