Burner email addresses are obsolete-This is better than any temporary email address service out there in 2022!

Burner email addresses are obsolete, but PacedEmail is the tool that you need to manage unlimited multiple email accounts, managed from one dashboard.

This tool allows you to get the perks of multiple disposable email accounts, as well as multiple email management.

What’s the best way to manage the power of this temporary email address tool?

See how simple is to use the free chrome extension or the smartphone app to create a new username, using a custom domain, and how simple is to set up when you want to receive the content.

Create custom username and temporary email adress with ease
Create custom username and temporary email adress with ease

BONUS> You can just check to receive the first email , usually the activation email, to your mail inbox, and then to pause the rest of the marketing stuff.

Better than burner email addresses!

Rather than using a temporary email address, that will be deleted immediately, Paced Email is the best tool that you need if you want to manage multiple email accounts or you want burner email addresses.

Why would you need a fake email address?

Eliminate Spam: A Disposable email address is a very useful tool against spam, especially, for users who consistently access web forms, forums and discussion groups.

Using a good disposable email address service you can curb spam to an absolute minimum, and PacedEmail is one of the best tools in terms of cheap disposable email address services.


Because you can create a intermediary email address  with which you can sign up for websites, and you can simply pause the digest and that email address will stop sending information to your main inbox

Pause email digest for this inbox Soft Reviewed
Pause email digest for this inbox Soft Reviewed

#1 reason why burner email addresses are beneath PacedEmail

Instead of using a temporary email address tool and to have to buy a different tool to manage multiple email accounts, you can use PacedEmail for all your email needs.

Therefore, if a blog asks you for email account, this tool got you covered because it is extremely simple to create disposable email address just for that website.

Using the premium version of PacedEmail, you can even use your website domain to customize that temporary email address to your liking!

custom email account using the domain name
custom email account using the domain name

Why pay for a temporary email address when this is simply better?

PacedEmail has saved me tons of time, and it is the next step in terms of disposable email services. You can be productive and get the best info from those who matter, WHEN YOU WANT TO RECEIVE THEM!

The reason why I simply love using PacedEmail instead another temporary email address service is because I can select WHEN I want to receive that email digest.

Therefore, you inbox is clean and you can manage all those newsletters about shoe discounts when your work is done and you are eager to treat yourself.

Receive the emails to your main inbox only when you want them
Receive the emails to your main inbox only when you want them

How to Choose a temporary email address ?

  • Offers temporarily email stored (temporal email inbox at user’s disposal).
  • Straightforward and functional design to get a mundane email.
  • Provider random account and users can choose an address of choice.

If we convinced to you use PacedEmail, one of the best disposable email address services out there, feel free to check them out by clicking HERE!

Note- That is an affiliate link but you wont pay less or more for this services, is just for the owner of PacedEmail to know that I was the one who recommended his product.

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