Blogging vs Youtube- What WORKS better in 2023?

IF you are thinking about creating an online presence for yourself, but you are not sure whether you should start a blog or a YouTube channel, in this article you will find out what will work best for you in terms of blogging vs YouTube in 2023!

Short version:

Should I start a blog or a YouTube channel? If you are comfortable writing, you want to OWN your work through all these new social media platforms (Not great to put all your content on Youtube and then you see that TikTok is better, right? And then another one a.s.o)….You should start a blog. Different people have different tastes, when people want quality content, especially one they can skim over, they will go for blogs.

But if you are tech-savvy, entertaining and willing to learn to edit videos, then a Youtube channel is better than a blog for you.

Nevertheless, you still need to learn about SEO and the tools mentioned here so that you actually start seeing results, in a sea of wannabe content creators on Blogs, YouTube, TikTok and more!

So lets dive in with more info on each so you can decide whether Blogging or Youtube is best for you.

Disclaimer: This post has been included as an entry into a giveaway/sweepstakes.

Blogging Vs YouTube

I started my blog 3 years ago as a hobby. The process of starting a blog was simple, and I will explain it step-by -step in a new article below. I did NOT want to be in front of a camera, especially since I am NOT an English-native speaker and my think East-European accent would remind me to keep my expectations in check,.

But grammatically speaking, I was a fine…so I thought that blogging was for me!

Over time, I realised that the real question is not really about blogging vs Youtube, but rather how to make it easier FOR ME to create content that I would like to read.

Thats it!

And then, I discovered that there are tools that can help me take that text content, making it into audio piece and create videos as well…With a simple click, all done automatically.

So I realised that I can RePurpose my content like this

Discover the tool HERE!

Now I was feeling courageous to start a YouTube channel, and this opened a new world to me. Now I am doing both and I think that, no matter what route you are taking – start a blog or YouTube or TikTok, you will end up taking your content on different platforms later on.

You will understand by the end of the article.

Getting back to Youtube, I created content where I did not show my face, then I started to use trending audios on Social Media ( do check me out on ) and now I have multiple YouTube channels, one even got deleted because of a very tiny mistake, and now I loved each content. Creating videos is NOT hard, and there are a few FREE tools that I will explain to you on my Youtube channel that will make it a breeze to create content.

Now my online endeavors are paying off, and I am getting paid for the content I created both on my blogs AND my YouTube channel.

But which one should you pick? Blogging or YouTube?

Here are 14 things you should keep in mind when you’re making this decision.

Blogging vs Youtube- Should you start a blog or a Youtube Channel?

Writing Text or letting it flow ?

This is the most important step for getting started and stop procrastinating…What comes easier for you to share your experiences? Do you want to create the outline of the idea, then tweaking & improving it? You can control the setting, write from anywhere, and even using voice typing and letting it flow?

If you are comfortable showing your face, then you are going to have a easier time. After you prepare the script (the text you want to say, like a blog article), you need to show off your skills and think to make it entertaining and offering value.

Yes, both types of content (Blog or video like Youtube/TikTok/whatver ) require you to be entertaining, but video requires a lot more .

Type of content you want to create

Which topics interest you, and you binge-watch when you have the spare time?

I am not taking about funny cat videos, we all like that..

I am referring to the type of content you should be providing to your audience if money didn’t matter, the type of content you tent to like naturally.

This is the type of content you are most likely to share eagerly with an audience, and your facts and personality is what its going to keep them eager to learn more and come back to you.

This is called selecting your niche, and the short ideea about niching down is that you need to create content that naturally interest you and shows your best qualities.

If you are interested in things like essays, poetry and other type of content that focuses on words, blogging should be your first choice.

Dense content is also great for blogs( Google loves this type of content)…But since Google also owns Youtube, it also favors video content, and using the tool mentioned above you can start creating dense content as youtube, short fun videos (think Youtube Shorts and Tiktok), audio content for podcasts and much more.. all done automatically.

Here is a breakdown of how you can use ONE YouTube video to generate automatically over 28 Pieces of Content

So you will need this tool to grow FAST because you are reaching more and more people, on different channels, automatically.

Get the tool HERE.

The next thing you need to know when we talk about blogging vs creating video content for Youtube is..:

Your Level Of Comfort Being On Camera


This one is tough, because no one looks natural on camera at first. Being in front of the camera for YouTube can be really uncomfortable and it’s not something everyone is used to when they’re just starting out.

But that’s at first.

You already know which type of content you should be creating based on your interactions, now it is just of matter of finding the best way to have success since millions of YT channels and blogs are getting created each day.

So keep reading to learn more !

After getting past the initial awkwardness, after the first videos, if you still feel like this is not working for you, then a blog is a better choice for you.

But just dont focus on becoming viral fast, or comparing yourself with others.

Also, remember that if you choose to start a blog, you better still show your face, to build trust with your audience..

But I sure that a short description and a nice photo are not something you cant handle.

Basically, the difference between YouTube and a blog is that on your blog you can just put a headshot picture of yourself, and you don’t have to put a full video of you talking, which is more nerve-wrecking for a lot of people.

The Skills Required

You need different skills for blogging than those needed for vlogging (creating video content). Just remember that these skills will improve as you grow, you need basic skills to start.

For a blog, you will need the following skills:

  • Basic photography skills – If you need to take your own photos. Or you can use copywrite-free photos from Unsplash for example.
  • Writing skills –  From writing the outline, you need to write eloquent and grammatically correct sentences. Again, this is something you can learn in time or you can use tools (CHECK our Blog) to help you do this with greater ease.
  • Basic graphic design skills – You still need to create custom graphics for logos and featured images, Pinterest pin graphics or any other social media designs you might need. You need to be social, you still need to publish your content to different social media platforms because you need to reach more people.
  • SEO(search engine optimisation) knowledge – Everybody can create content. People only read the first result on Google/ Youtube search results. Me and my team can help you, but basically you need to end up there, high in the results.. and this is a long-term endeavor. This is the way to ensure that your blog posts get seen and get traffic to them.

 For a YouTube channel, you will need the following skills:

  • Basic photography & graphic design skills – Since people eat with their eyes first , you need basic photography skills. Even if you just started blogging/ you just get started on Youtube, graphic design is a MUST for creating the thumbnail,and much more.
  • Video recording skills – From learning how to record a video properly, basic lighting knowledge and how to use your camera settings in order to get a good quality video.
  • Video editing skills – Either mobile or on PC, you need to learn basic skills in a video editor.Just some basic video editing will work fine. You do not need to know fancy editing techniques when you are just starting out. You can use Pexels for copy-write free videos to start.
  • SEO(search engine optimization) knowledge – YouTube is also a search engine, so you will need some basic search engine optimization knowledge in order to help you rank in YouTube and get more views on your videos.

If you want to let others do the SEO, social media management and other technical stuff to others, with a monthly budget and you just want to do your magic, contact us and you will see it’s a lot easier to be a full-time blogger/ vlogger when others work to bring traffic to your channel.

3. Equipment You Need

Either a blog and YouTube channel, you still need equipment.

The equipment you need for a blog:

  • Computer with internet connection – Other than Internet and a PC, you need to know that no other physical tools are absolutely necessary in order to run a successful blog.
  • Camera (optional) – Depending on your niche, a camera is not usually a must.

The equipment you need for a YouTube channel: 

  • Laptop with internet connection – In order to start creating videos for your YouTube channel, you will also need a laptop with a good internet connection obviously.
  • Good camera – A good camera is really important when you are starting a YouTube channel, because video quality is very important. Most Youtubers/TikTokers start filming videos on their smartphone, and invest in one later on
  • Microphone (optional) – A separate microphone is optional, depending on how good your camera is at recording audio or how often you need to record voiceovers for your videos. 
  • Video editing software – I suggest you start playing around with CapCut, it’s all you will ever need. If you use PC, use Davinci Resolve, its free and doesnt put a watermark on your video. And Canva has a free editor also, do check that out as well.

Here are the tools that we recommend when you are starting out creating content- Trust me, you need most of these tools:


Both blogging and starting a YouTube channel have certain costs involved. Here is what you might expect to pay for starting your blog versus your YouTube channel.

Expenses you absolutely need on a blog :

  • Hosting and domain package – a self hosted blog is absolutely necessary if you want to make this a platform that you monetise. My suggestion for bloggers that are just starting out is a hosting and domain package from Bluehost, This usually costs around $3.95 dollars per month, which is a very small investment to start an online business.

Expenses you will need on a YouTube channel to start out:

  • No cost for joining the platform – You do not need to pay anything to join the platform. …Creating a YouTube channel and posting videos on it is completely free!
  • A smartphone with a good camera to start – That’s enough to get started running a Youtube channel.
  • Camera and microphone eventually –This should interest you only after your first 100 videos.

Where Your Audience Hangs Out

The niche is extremely important later on, especially if you are thinking long term.

Funny, short content is popular, but people are consuming lots of content daily from Pinterest as well.

Therefore, different platforms will work for you and some don’t.

But you probably dont know too much at first.. and that’s why its important to automatically schedule your content to be published on different websites too. Since I showed you that from a single video you can create more than 28 types of content, you will definitely reach more people if you are consistent.

Just focus on important questions regarding your target audience:

  • How old are they? 
  • What are they interested in?
  • What profession are they in? Are they students, mums, career oriented people etc?

The more details, the better. Remember that!

You will understand then if they prefer blogging or watching a video on Youtube about it.

For the most content creators, both platforms contain your target audience, its just a matter of how are they usually getting the information they want and you offer.

Competition For Your Niche

Once you have a niche figured out, even if it’s something a bit more broad at first, you can start looking into competition. Read out their content and see what you will bring to the table.

This is important for the next topic of interest in our quest – Blogging vs Youtube and that is…

You can do a Google or YouTube search yourself and see if there are any other big channels in your niche.

As a side-note to the question- Should I start blogging or YouTube channel, my suggestion is to also check out these books:

Keyword Research & SEO

Each niche has certain keywords, and Search Engine Optimization is the process of creating content that Google/Youtube loves…

And that’s not only informative content, but well structured , well thought-out content. And after creating it, you need to make sure people hear about it, to spread the word out.

There are different tools that help with SEO, but I just discovered a tool that will help you get also brand deals, sponsorships and much more.

From creating thumbnails for Youtube, to Youtube SEO (tag research to find out by volume what you should be writing about), as well as tools for graphics design, you need to know about SocialBook- Check it Out HERE

I will launch a new course to teach you exactly how to do this, so make sure to enter this giveaway and I will keep you posted on email.

Before we get back to our analysis if wheter you should start blogging vs Youtube, remeber that you can always contact us to use our services to manage all the technical stuff for you, so take a look below


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How To Rank On Google in 2023

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Just looking at the tools they are talking on their blog, you can start a business. For example, I am offering social media management services to customers in Germany with no technical background or a design degree! So by learning about socialbee, my skill set now improved and now I can offer even more services! So I love this team and I am very happt that they helped me out with website design services for my monthly paying customers! Keep showing us great tools guys!

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A Platform You Own

One key distinction between blogging and YouTube is the level of control the creator has over the content. It is generally recommended that those looking to start a blog do so with a self-hosted WordPress site, as this provides more control over the blog and opens up additional monetization opportunities, such as WordAds, affiliate marketing, and selling products or services.

But what this means is you own your blog. It is your own platform that you control and it is completely yours.

Getting back to creating a Youtube channel, in my early days I did go viral and I was close to getting paid, only to do a small mistake and get my account deleted by Google . ( let me know in the comments below if you want to know why).

I understood then how terribly important is to actually own your content, and to keep regular backups for it as well.

Learn from my mistakes and you will have an easier life, no matter what you choose, blogging vs Youtuber vs being a TikToker or whatever comes next.

You should be cautious about posting your content on someone else’s site.

Youtube’s popularity is big, but the algorithm changes, TikTok & co come and go, but better create backups.

So bear in mind that creating a blog and growing it means a lot, lot more than just text, you can create courses, have the blog post automatically read using AI ( contact us ) and much, much more.

I even wrote this entire article using Rytr, that you can discover here.

Also, you might enjoy


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The income you make on either your blog or your YouTube channel can vary greatly depending on the monetisation strategies you apply.

If we’re talking strictly about display ads, the RPM (or Rate Per Mille = Rate per 1000 sessions) is much lower on Google Adsense in comparison to a higher end network such as Mediavine. 

Your RPM will vary depending on your niche, the country where most of your audience is, how long they watch your video or read your blog post for etc.

It is hard to pinpoint an absolute average number for every blog or channel out there since every niche is so different. But a $5 RPM for Google Adsense is very common, while for Mediavine it is much more likely for you to see a $20-$30 RPM.

What does this mean for your monthly income?

Let’s say one month you get 50,000 pageviews on your blog monetised with Mediavine. And you get 50,000 views on your YouTube channel monetised with Google Adsense.

Here’s how much you would make from each:

  • 50,000 blog pageviews → 50 x $30 RPM = $1,500
  • 50,000 YouTube views → 50 x $5 RPM = $250

As you can see there is quite a big difference between the two when it comes to the income you can make strictly from display ads. 

However, both a blog and a YouTube channel can be highly profitable, especially if you don’t rely simply on displaying ads. If you use the other monetising strategies above, you will likely see a very good income from either of these.

The Trust Factor

The trust factor is something that’s not talked about very often, but it makes a big difference when it comes to trying to grow an online business. 

When someone comes to your blog, it can be harder for them to instantly create a connection to you from reading your articles. However, when someone watches a YouTube video of you, they start to feel like they know you. And that makes them feel like they know you…which helps sales. Thats why it’s important to use our social media marketing services, to grow your chances of making a positive impact.

Time To Invest

The time you need to invest on both platforms is significant. There are lots of tasks that you need to do on each of these platforms, a lot of them behind the scenes, content planning and admin tasks.

But lets talk numbers..

Blogging first..

For a blog post, you will usually need to write at least 1,000+ words, add some images to your post and do some final proofreading. Depending on how fast you are, this shouldn’t take too much.

Creating a YouTube video is much more demanding. You will need to set up your background, your camera, your lighting equipment and microphone, if you use one.  After you are done, you need to edit it until its informative yet engaging. This will take a lot more than an article.

Updating Old Posts

One thing that you can do on a blog, but you can’t really do on your YouTube channel is the fact that you can update old blog posts.

This means quite a lot, since it is easy to fall down the search results on Youtube..but with a blog post,you can simply tweak it.

From this point of view, it is much easier to keep your content relevant throughout the years on a blog rather than on a YouTube channel.

Should I Start A Blog Or A YouTube Channel In 2022?

One of the best decisions you can take in this case is to start both a blog and a YouTube channel. This will give you maximum exposure on both platforms and it will help you grow on both at the same time.  Using the tools I provided here, and by subscribing to our newsletters, you will have the maximum impact.

You can also drive more traffic to your blog if you link it on your Youtube page.

This will help you build more trust with your audience by being more personable in a YouTube video, whilst also having a platform that you own, AKA your blog.

FAQ about Blogging vs YouTube

Is YouTube A Blogging Platform?

Blogging vs Youtube is somewhat similar in this sense, but remember that YouTube is not a blog, it is a vlogging platform.

So instead of having a collection of written blog posts, it has video content. Not great if you are looking for something specific, informative and important content. But there is good money to be made

Is Blogging Better Than YouTube?

Depends on your confort level and our interests.

Whether blogging is better than YouTube is mostly up to you.

There are various pros and cons for blogging and for starting a Youtube channel, but you can make money online from both of these platforms.

Is Blogging Still Relevant In 2023?

Yes, blogging is absolutely still relevant in 2023. There are tons of bloggers out there who make a living from their blogs.  People assume Vloggers get more money because everybody can see their view numbers.. which they cant know for a website. But blogging works and will work, it’s just not for entertainment .

Remember this if you want to become a full-time blogger / havent started blogging yet:

Blogging is still very lucrative and can easily make you a full-time income as well.

Thinking about blogging vs YouTube channel ,remember the type of content you want to share with the world and how flashy do you want to make it.

Then your question about blogging vs Youtube should have a clearer answer.

But keep reading about the tools that you need to know, no matter your route- (blogging vs Youtube.)

Is It Profitable To Start A YouTube Channel?

Yes, starting a YouTube channel can be highly profitable. However, it can take months or years before you start seeing a good income from YouTube if you solely rely on display ads alone. You cant change a lot on a Youtube channel, so you need to look for other ways to monetize your content while you are working to grow your YouTube channel.

It is very profitable to start a Youtube channel, you just need to do it right and learn what works for your particular niche and your confort level., long term.

This is relevant to choose the answer to the question – Should I start a blog or a Youtube channel?

Moving on to a new frequent question aout blogging vs Youtube,

we have….

Is It Worth Becoming A YouTuber In 2023?

Video is the best way to reach people. The numbers are great and its very facile to go viral on Youtube. So use the tool above and start your channel right now!

Which Is Best For Earning, Blogging Or YouTube?

Depends on what you create. Economy-related blogs /Youtube Channels get a lot more money per 1000 views than someone who does funny dances . The monetising options for both a blog and a YouTube channel are very similar. For both of these you can monetise through display ads, affiliate links, sponsored posts, selling your own physical or digital products or offering your services. 

You can make a very good income from both of these platforms.

By the way, do check out the tools that we review on this website, because you need to be productive, donesnt matter what you choose ( Blogging vs Youtube).

For example, learn to stop spam forever using

Is YouTube Harder Than Blogging?

YouTube is harder than blogging when you consider the skills needed. And the confidence to start. Blogging is faster and the first step in the direction of creating the text that will make you go viral.

Should I Blog Or Vlog?

Both blogging and vlogging can be very lucrative. Just use the tools mentioned here and you are on the right track to success, just dont stop after less than 1 year . And subscribe here to be informed of the tools you need to find better options to grow your brand!


So subscribe to receive even more amazing deals RIGHT to your inbox!

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