BBEdit shows how to add generative AI to Apple platforms

Mac Developers: This is How Most Apps Will Work

One useful ChatGPT implementation I’ve come across in serious Mac software was recently introduced in BBEdit 15. It’s an integrated solution that lets developers request help from the generative ai (genAI) tech when building projects. It’s not surprising that a tool as powerful as BBEdit would integrate such support. The application is beloved by leading lights across Apple’s developer community.

How does it work, what does it do?

The BBEdit integration allows users to have text-based conversations with the genAI tool within a worksheet, all within the app. This means that developers using BBEdit can get help from ChatGPT from within the app without the need to rely on awkward copy and paste to bring code recommendations from a browser. The company has implemented the tech in a way that should be most useful to its customers, focusing on results rather than just implementing the latest technology.

Focusing on results

The implementation in BBEdit hints at the most useful business cases for the tech and the narrowing and focusing spaces in which it is fully exploited. This form of implementation will emerge as the most useful for both pro users and developers.

From Mac developers, for Mac developers

Bare Bones, the company behind BBEdit, is known for its Mac development expertise, and its implementation of genAI reflects the needs of the developer community. With known industry thought leaders involved in the development of BBEdit, it’s clear that this focused approach is a result of concentrated developer feedback.

This is how most apps will work

As BBEdit leads the way in integrating genAI support, other developers are expected to follow suit, bringing similar tools to other Mac, iPhone, and iPad applications. These tools are anticipated to be a service within these applications from multiple developers, with a variety of sources of AI support.

Key Takeaways:

– The BBEdit 15 software introduces a new integrated solution that lets developers request help from genAI when building projects.
– The integration allows for text-based conversations with genAI within the app, making it easier for developers to get help.
– The implementation reflects the needs and feedback of Mac developers and is intended to be highly useful for pro users.
– Similar tools are expected to appear in other Mac, iPhone, and iPad applications in the future.


As AI technology continues to advance, the integration of genAI into development tools like BBEdit 15 sets the stage for more narrow and refined implementations of AI tools. With Apple’s advances in AI engineering, the availability of such tools in other apps is a positive and constructive step forward in the world of Mac and iOS development.


What is BBEdit?

BBEdit is a highly advanced text editing tool for Mac users that recently introduced integrated AI technology to assist developers in building projects.

What is genAI?

GenAI is a generative AI technology that assists developers with code recommendations and text-based conversations within an app without relying on copy and paste.

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