Apple’s Vision Pro is getting MDM support

“Apple Vision Pro to get MDM support for enterprises”

Apple’s vision OS 1.1 update will soon be hitting the market and big news is coming for enterprise users. With this update, support for device management for the Vision Pro will be introduced. This is essential as Vision Pro users will soon realize that their device is a fully-equipped virtual office that can be taken anywhere. The need to protect and manage these devices is crucial as user’s explore new ways of working without risking security, performance, and privacy.

MDM features in the vision OS 1.1 beta include account-driven enrollment and important management features such as app installation, managed Apple IDs, network configurations, single sign-on, support for Exchange and Google Workspace, DNS encryption, content filtering, zero trust network access, and more. This makes MDM support for Vision Pro equivalent to device management support for all of Apple’s devices. Vendors are fast at work deploying this.

In the future, Vision Pro will capable of replacing traditional office equipment, allowing individuals to work from anywhere. As a wearable Mac, it significantly expands the realm of what is possible for individuals and businesses alike. As the Vision Pro evolves, it will continue to disrupt enterprise workspaces and even potentially receive 5G eSIM capabilities for a wider variety of uses.

Key Takeaways
– Vision OS 1.1 beta offers MDM support for Vision Pro
– A wide range of device management features will be supported such as app installation, single sign-on, and DNS encryption
– Vision Pro will disrupt enterprise workspaces and potentially receive 5G eSIM capabilities
– Support for Exchange and Google Workspace

Vision OS 1.1 is paving the way for Vision Pro to revolutionize the way workers interact with technology and the workplace. As a wearable Mac, it allows for a range of exciting possibilities for businesses and individuals alike. Once 5G eSIM capabilities come into play, it’s likely that the Vision Pro will become a powerhouse for enterprise solutions.

Is Vision Pro being supported by third-party developers?
Yes, Jamf and others are already adding support to their device management systems.

Can Vision Pro be used for a variety of business uses?
Absolutely, Vision Pro has the potential to be used in simulations, digital showrooms, remote training, in-field remote fix, and virtual marketing.

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