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Howdy Folks, Welcome to my blog!


My name is David, a millennial daddy blogger, side-hustler, and the founder of  Soft-Reviewed . 

I didn’t start out as a blogger, but I always desired to gain financial freedom and work on my own terms. My vision did not die despite having a routine 9-5 job as a Civil Engineer with a reputable company in Romania.

After working for 6 years, I decided to spread my wings and so I quit my job to start a home-based business. After trying a few aspects of blogging, I came up with Soft-Reviewed ; your one-stop-shop for everything about making money from home,my focus being regarding my web design business at low prices for clients from all over the world. Me and my team do Web Design, .

Today, 6 years and counting, I’m happy with what I do here! I have made mistakes along the way, gained lots of experience, and made some moves that I’m proud of!

When I’m not helping you to make money online, I like exploring new spheres of life, indulging in photography, and trying my hand at various DIY crafts. Best of all, I value building relationships with like-minded individuals.  

About Soft-Reviewed

Soft-Reviewed started in 2020. It is designed to be your #1 resource for seeking career-related advice. More specifically, the blog focuses on work-from-home jobs, home-based business proposals, side hustles, and passive income ideas.

I especially like to be heard by modern solo-entrepreneurs , some of whom are students or moms who have to juggle career and family. My message; you can have the best of both worlds right at home!

If any of the above, arouses even the slightest interest in you, then you are the greatest asset to the longevity of Soft-Reviewed . I have built the site with one purpose; to help you attain your goals quickly and effortlessly.

My advice and tips on personal finance and blogging have been quoted in many major online publications, including but not limited to:

  • Forbes
  • Yahoo Finance
  • Reader’s Digest 
  • Go Banking Rates
  • Referral Rock
  • Databox Blog
  • CB Nation
  • Vital Dollar
  • Cheapism

Why Should You Hear Me?

We live in the age of skepticism. But making money online is not that hard as it seems. 

Look at this article regarding the most viewed picture on the internet– It was taken by a photographer for Microsoft XP wallpaper and he made more than 100.000 dollars…passively, in royalties.

Same can a website do for you!

And after helping countless others get a profitable online business, I share here what I learned along the way.

You just need the proper guidance. Here, I wish to offer that for free. With the appropriate “how-to” guides, making money will be effortless and unchallenging for you. You can for sure make quick money sitting at home.

Or you can make more than $500/day with JUST YOUR PHONE, like I teach you in this article!

So the internet can be the place that makes you money even while you are sleeping.

But I know that are a lot of bloggers out there that promise the world yet they cannot deliver.

So this is my humble journey, feel free to stick around, subscribe to my newsletter and lots more!

For me, blogging is not just about making money. It’s about setting goals and taking the necessary steps to achieve them. I love everything about what I’m doing here and I want to show you how fabulous it can be when it’s done on your own terms with a passion for implementing the right strategies. 

Moreover, I have tried and tested several work-at-home opportunities available online and I have succeeded in earning a consistent 5-figure income.

Besides sharing my own online money-making experience, I have done extensive research to provide you with up-to-date, trustworthy, and actionable information on how to generate income online.

Here you can find only genuine and guaranteed ways to make passive income and follow them yourself without hesitation.

How Soft-Reviewed Can Help You:

  • Explore numerous work-from-home online jobs that you can make a living from
  • Discover various side-hustles that you can do alongside your normal job
  • Learn about unique and exciting ways to make money online
  • Discover how you can make passive income without breaking a sweat
  • Success stories of people that are making a living from home
  • Get insight on actionable business ideas for men, women, and kids/teens
  • Explore legit ways to earn free money
  • Get honest reviews of the available online sources where you can make money
  • Get-Paid-To (GTP) opportunities from websites and Apps
  • Learn about affiliate marketing.

How Soft-Reviewed Makes Money

Remember the part where I make relationships with like-minded folks? When it comes to Soft-Reviewed, these relationships prioritize the best interests of my readers. 

I partner with individuals and organizations who share the same vision of equipping my audience with the necessary tools to succeed in various work-at-home ventures. Through advertisement agreements, the site earns some money.  

That said, I only recommend products and services that I have tried or ones that I can vouch for to my audience. If you would like to try any, and if you sign up through Soft-Reviewed, I might earn me some commission,at no cost to you!.

Work With Me

I advise on minimal investment at-home business ideas and have worked with dozens of other budding entrepreneurs along my journey. I can’t wait to help you too! Would you like to take this a step further through one-on-one interaction with me?

Hope your struggles to earn consistent income ends here. For any further guidance related to these topics covered, feel free to Contact Me via email or interact with me on social media. I only charge a small fee to help maintain the site.

Your Privacy

At Soft-Reviewed, I can guarantee the safety of your personal information and any other data. We will never sell your data or personal information to anyone.

You can find out more about our privacy policy. 


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