7 ways to leverage genAI for a better career

Hey there, IT workers! Have you heard the buzz about generative AI (genAI) and how it’s going to revolutionize the industry? If you’re feeling lost, don’t worry – I’ve got some tips to help you navigate this rapidly changing landscape. After all, it could mean the difference between keeping your job or being left behind.

So, let’s jump in with some key takeaways from the article.

One thing is clear – having genAI skills is going to be a gamechanger in the IT industry. A PwC survey found that CEOs are expecting to reduce headcount by at least 5% by 2024 due to genAI. Yikes! But on the bright side, if you have genAI expertise, you could be looking at a salary increase of up to 47%.

Now, onto the next stop on our journey: How to prepare and train yourself for the genAI revolution.

Assess your environment. Take a look at the AI scene at your company. Is it already using AI or genAI, or is it behind the times? This will help you figure out your next steps.

Talk to your boss. Let them know you’re interested in genAI. You might be surprised at what opportunities are available.

Check out internal AI reskilling. If your company is forward-thinking, they might be offering AI training programs. Take advantage of these to upskill yourself.

Pay for outside training. If your company doesn’t offer training, consider looking for programs at top universities like MIT or Columbia.

Utilize self-training options. If you’re the independent type, you can learn genAI tools on your own. Just be ready to work extra hard to prove your skills.

Get involved. If your company is working with genAI, try to get involved in projects related to it.

Talk to mentors. Seek out people who can guide you in the right direction.

Great! Now that you’re well on your way to becoming a genAI expert, the future is looking bright. By staying ahead of the curve, you’ll be prepared for whatever changes come your way.

But before we wrap up, let’s address some FAQs.

Q: What if my company isn’t interested in genAI?
A: While that’s possible, it’s worth talking to your boss about your interest. You might be surprised at what opportunities are available.

And with that, we’ve reached the end of our journey. I hope you’re feeling more confident about taking the leap into genAI. Remember, the best time to start preparing for the future is now.

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