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10 Tips to Give Your Business a Boost in 2022

10 Tips to Give Your Business a Boost in 2022

Hey guys, welcome and welcome back. Thanks so much for joining me today. We’re going to talk about 10 things that you can do to give your business a boost in 2022. The fact that all rhymed was pretty epic, so let’s get stuck in.

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If you’re new here, then hi, I’m Jess. I run this YouTube channel, and I also run other businesses. As we’re all sat here waiting for Business Boot Camp Unit Five to be released, I felt like we might as well just sort of throw some stuff out into the YouTube world that’s about giving your business a boost in 2022.

January is in most niches pretty crap, so it’s a great time to really look at your business and see what you can do to give it a bit of a boost. These 10 things today hopefully will help you do that. So if you want to subscribe, then that would be awesome. It’d be amazing to see you here again, but if you don’t want to, then that’s also cool. You know, no hard feelings. Nice people only, everybody else need not apply.

Tip One: Solidify Your Business “Bucket”

Let’s kick things off with tip number one. Think of your business for 2022 as a bucket. If you have an existing business or maybe it’s a brand new business, have you inspected your bucket at the start of the year? Have you actually looked at your business and checked to see if it’s going to run well, is it going to be safe and sound, are we going to be doing the best we can be doing? If not, then basically your bucket has holes in it.

Tip Two: View Your Business from Your Customer’s Perspective

Tip number two is really important. Stop looking at your business as you entirely. Put yourself into the brain, the mind, the vision of your target market. Look at your business and see big issues in different places. Make sure you’ve got a location on there and what you do. Make sure that it is clear, easy to understand, concise, and not frustrating for a customer or a potential customer to find stuff.

Tip Three: Use Google Maps

Tip number three is Google Maps. If you as a small business that serves a location do not have a location on Google Maps, then that’s a big hole in your bucket as well. Go to business.google.com and get yourself a location.

Tip Four: Obtain Reviews on Google Maps

Tip number four is to make sure there are reviews on that Google Maps listing. If there aren’t reviews on the Google Maps listing, then it is still useful but it’s a lot less useful. Go ahead and speak to your past customers and ask them very nicely if they’d be kind enough to leave you a review on your Google Maps listing.

Tip Five: Community Collaborations

Tip number five is all about community collaborations. Reach out to other businesses that service similar target markets and start a transactional positive relationship with them.

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